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The Actors, or as we prefer to think of them, “Meat Puppets”, are the people who make all this possible.  Their subtle, nuanced performances really bring the characters to life in ways we hadn’t envisioned and often using words we hadn’t written. You can learn more about these gullible fools lovely people here.

Who are these fools?

Quantum Fridge Audio is a holistic collective formed with the intention of keeping just a few of Scotland’s dwindling population of indigenous actors off the streets where they would simply harass tourists with their endless dramatic re-imaginings of  the significant speeches of famous historical figures. Honestly, they’re more annoying  than all those bagpipe players.

Where can I find your excellent audio content?

Here. Right here. You’re actually at the website. Just click a suitable button and something should start playing. Stopping it might be more problematical.

Our Founder,

Bless His Cotton Socks

How can I get full episodes of your wonderful comedies in high quality digital format, to keep for ever and ever?

You can - soonish - purchase a full suite from Soundcloud, confident in the knowledge that virtually none of that nominal cost comes back to us to pay for studio time, Internet providers etc. You would be able to get them from iTunes as well but we’re not forking out for a Mac just so we can upload audio files to an over-priced platform, thank you very much, Apple.