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Poppy Zeitgeist arrives at the Mt McCaber Space Science Institute to take up her new position as a member of SADO, the UK's top secret defence force that protects us from incoming alien spacecraft. Here she meets IT slacker Doug Stinger, glamorous science celebrity Annabel Fox, and their boss, Professor Hadrian Sproot. Also recently arrived is Bert Stein, assumed by everyone to be their new janitor. Poppy and Doug discover that he may actually be Albert Einstein, mysteriously restored to life. He is engaged on a major new project which will revolutionise science and could make them all rich and famous.

Matters are complicated when the team are called upon to stop the orbital space station BOOBOO from crashing to Earth and obliterating the Home Counties. Might Einstein's amazing new machine hold the answer? Let's hope so.

Episode 1: Einstein-A-Boo-Boo

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