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Welcome to Quantum Fridge, home of guerilla radio. Small, independent, under-funded, under-resourced and facing impossible odds, we took some of Scotland’s best acting talent and utterly ruined their careers to create the best thing you found on the Internet today

We produce the finest audio comedy shows ever made available at this specific URL, all of which can be accessed through this website simply by clicking on things. Go on, you know you want to.  We won’t tell, if you don’t.

We aim to put something out as often as we can be bothered (think of that as a legal disclaimer…) whether it be a full episode of one of our hilarious comedy shows or just a few minutes of some random weirdness to make you laugh.

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9th May 2020: Having relocated our editing suite to a safe location on Mars (too cold for both viruses and the sellers of “The Watchtower” who normally plague us in our Tower of Indolence) we have finally been able to complete the most recent episode of everybody’s favourite post-modern, post-Soviet comedy, “Backlash”. Find it here.


Jack Standish - The British Lion

Episode 7 Out Now!

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12th April 2020: As the world ends we have discovered a few brief, surviving snippets of the short lived radio programme “Cool Science” which was supposed to feature the hottest trends, developments and personalities in contemporary UK science but, instead, chose to interview the staff of Mt McCaber. Rookie mistake…

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