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Saffron Star, Queen of Outer Space and her Rabbit-Man co-pilot, Buzz B’Nee continue their strange adventures as they fly their spaceship, “The Reckless Venture”, through the vast voidiness of a galaxy, far, far away (which, incidentally, is pretty much true of all galaxies).

Faced, time after time, with deadly threats and dangerous situations that endanger the safety and security of the whole galaxy, Saffron Star must use her skill, experience and possession of an interstellar spaceship to bring balance to the universe and hopefully make enough profit on the side to keep both “The Reckless Venture” and Buzz adequately fed.

Armed only with wit, cunning, fabulous looks, super-fast reactions, endless courage, indefatigable energy and surprising strength for a slip of a girl, Saffron finds that, time and time again, she must take arms against a sea of tribbles and, by opposing, end them. One day, someone will use that line in a play. Oh, and, sometimes, Buzz helps. Or at least doesn’t get in the way too much.

But it’s a big Universe and a girl can’t be everywhere at once…

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Episode 4 :

The Swivelling Menace

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Saffron Star is a “Mini-Series” in the style of classic pulp-SF radio broadcasts, made up of episodes about 10 minutes long, usually with some sort of cliff-hanger ending.

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Episode 5 :

Lair of the Lizard Queen!

Out Now!

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Episode 6 :

Vengeance of the Vikings

Out Now!

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Episode 7 :

Journey to the Haunted Stars

Out Now! The last one so far!