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What is Christmas like at Mt. McCaber? Well we won’t find out this year as our intrepid heroes are stuck in a blizzard in a broken-down car slowly freezing to death. Could this be the end?

But wait! Didn’t they see the lights of a strange old house some where back down the road? Surely that could offer shelter, warmth and the possibility of a hot mince pie? After all, when you trudge through the snow to a brooding, ancient mansion at Yuletide, what could possibly go wrong?

Experience the joys of Christmas as the Defenders of Humanity experience true Highland hospitality, learn the favourite tipple of Lord McCaber and come face to face with Stinger’s greatest nightmare.*

(* Disclaimer: Some of these statements may give a slightly exaggerated impression of the actual reality.)

Christmas 2015: Return to the Forbidden Plantagenet

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What’s Here:

A special one-off Christmas episode that starts in a cold, cold car on a dark and freezing night and so was recorded on a dark and freezing night in a cold, cold house. Yeah, that’s how dedicated our actors are!

Return to the Forbidden Plantagenet:  

Full (but mini) Episode