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Lost in Space -

An  Original Sproot Poem

What’s Here?

It is a little known fact, probably because it is classified as restricted information under the terms of the Official Secrets Act, that Professor Hadrian Sproot, director of the Mt McCaber Space Science Institute, doesn’t spend all of his time at work tending his prize-winning leeks, translating Icelandic Sagas into Swahili or even protecting the Earth from alien invasion. No indeed, for, like any true polymath, Renaissance Man or Science graduate, the good Professor spends many happy hours locked in his office composing epic Scaldic poetry, some of which was even nominated for The Pritzker Prize, although sadly it didn’t win since that turned out to be a prize for excellence in Architecture.

Now, for the first time, you, too, can enjoy some of these unsung masterpieces. Just don’t let the Government find out.

Love Song -

An  Original Sproot Poem

A Poem After H.Simpson -

An  Original Sproot Poem