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In a dark corner of a forgotten potting shed in the garden of the Mt.McCaber Space Science Institute lurks a mysterious artefact. At the same time, in a dark corner of Poppy’s psyche lurks the germ of the seed of an idea for a  heroic, galaxy-spanning tale of stirring escapades and sweeping  adventure  that would have George Lucas weeping all the way to his lawyers.

Meanwhile, not that long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Saffron Star, silver-clad Space Pilot, poster girl for galactic equality and role-model  to billions of sentient younglings is drawn into another dangerous mission when she and her RabbitMan co-Pilot, Buzz B’Nee , are co-opted, well forced, into undertaking a dangerous rescue mission on behalf of the Galactic Emperor - a mission that will take them deep into uncharted space where they will come face to face with the dreaded Space Vixen, Allura, Vampire Queen of the Lost Nebula.

These facts may, or may not be, connected. Decide for yourselves.

Episode 4: Saffron Star - Queen of Outer Space

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Saffron Star - Queen of Outer Space:  

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