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When the Ministry sends an efficiency expert to determine whether or not the Institute’s funding should be continued, mild panic ensues. This is swiftly followed by terminal boredom as Ramona Polglase, the Woman from the Ministry, subjects the Institute’s staff to a long lecture on the Polglase Protocol for Delivering Efficiency Savings. Things perk up slightly when, to the horror of Poppy and delight of Annabel, it is revealed that Ramona is an old flame of Professor Sproot’s. Is her desire to shut them down really delayed revenge for the effect Sproot’s appalling time-keeping had on their relationship? Or just part of a drive for order and efficiency?

When Doug loses Ramona in the Institute’s sub-sub-basement, Professor Sproot is forced to reveal the existence of a mysterious trapdoor leading down into the bowels of the earth. Knowing that accidentally losing a Senior Civil Servant will have a detrimental impact on their future prospects, the staff prepare to venture down the trapdoor to recover her. But… who knows What Horrors Lie Beneath?

Episode 2: Leveraging Synergy

Leveraging Synergy:  

Part 1

Leveraging Synergy:  

Part 2

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