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When mysterious electrical interference from the Dome crashes Mt. McCaber’s ancient computers, the only person who knows how to reboot Earth’s defences is Douglas Stinger. But he is no-where to be found and so, working from one of Ron's cryptic suggestions, Poppy, Annabel and Prof. Sproot head off to the village to look for him. But things in the village no longer match the reality they thought they remembered. And there is no suggestion that Stinger ever worked for S.A.D.O. Or even that any of them are, in any meaningful sense, real.

What is going on? Have they entered a parallel Universe? Or is the very fabric of the Cosmos starting to crumble as entropy maxes out and Primal Chaose takes over? As reality starts to unravel, Poppy, Annabel and Professor Sproot find themselves trapped in an unstable limbo, frantically searching both for Stinger and for a way out of their predicament.

One thing’s for sure: nothing at Mt. McCaber will ever be quite the same again.


Episode 5: Strewth! Or Fiction?

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Strewth! OrFiction?:  

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